XM- Open Platform
System Announcement:

Five advantages

  • 3.0 cloud service overall upgrade

    Cloud server 3.0 has been officially fully upgraded. We have a comprehensive upgrade and transformation on the software and hardware, eliminate the original old servers and software, and further expand the server cluster, so that let you really feel the quick and convenient service. We provide a more convenient cloud service experience for users around the world.
  • Speed faster

    Either the PC or mobile terminal, the speed of opening the video channel is much faster. In the case of successful penetration, the speed of PC to open all channels has improved by about 100% than before. In the WiFi or 3G State, mobile client has improved by about 220% to 260%.
  • Security Guarantee

    We are well aware that your personal data security and privacy is our most concerned and our top priority. Cloud service uses MD5 encryption and other multiple security measures, perfect performance monitoring system. Not only to ensure your data security, but also to make sure that there is no one, including ourselves, to spy on your privacy.
  • High connectivity rate

    On the basis of the further improvement of the access speed and the expansion of the server, the number of holes in the penetration process has reduced. Whether in PC or mobile terminal, the connectivity rate between device and client is close to 100%, which gets a comprehensive optimization and improvement. It can be applied to inter-network transmission, CRC network, multi-level routing and other complex network environment.
  • Stronger stability

    The cloud server is fully expanded to further enhance the fast handshake between the device and the client. We continue to expand the number of servers in major cities throughout the country and overseas, and establish a server cluster in many countries. The stability has been improved and developed a lot. Let users around the world experience the convenience and swiftness of cloud services more easily.